Nice place: Frenchie to go (Paris)

Frenchie to goWhy should we go there? Because tout Paris goes to Frenchie. The concept ‘to go’ is not taken very seriously as the tiny place is cramped with Paris inhabitants and expats (mostly male) who attack their food like they haven’t eaten for months. If you’re willing to queue and are craving for American classics like a Reuben sandwich, pulled pork or a tasty burger this is the place to go. Frenchie to go is situated in the lovely Rue de Nil with the Frenchie restaurant and Frenchie wine bar just two steps away.What should we eat/drink/nibble? The Frenchie fries are close to perfection. Made from great tasting potatoes and cut in tres petites frites with the skin still on. They come in a paper bag and it’s a pity that bag is so small.Anything disappointing? The hot dogs. Sorry French, ‘100% boeuf’ might be a great accomplishment, but what’s with that strange smoky taste and chewy texture? That perfect soft role and tasty sauerkraut are screaming for a better dog…

Which corner? 5-6 Rue de Nil

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