Nice place: Cafe Madam (Paris)

Cafe MadamWhy should we go there? Because Madam is a natural born hostess. The place seems a bit bare and cold when you enter, but this nice lady is warming up the room like a warm fire.

What should we eat/drink/nibble? We visited Café Madam in the late afternoon after a long day hunting for nice places. So naturally we ordered some wine and a small bite, the Bey assiette, a plate with humus, baba ganoush, tabouleh and some olives. It was nice, but nothing special. We checked out the menu and it was clear we have to come back on a morning. Madam offers 3 options for brunch. Especially nr 2 asks for a closer investigation: pizette thym-origan, tabouleh vert, humus, fromage blanc libenais… Oh yes Madam!

Anything disappointing? Café Madam is located in the Rue Denis, which is a bit dodgy. Next door you’ll find another madam who occupies a completely different profession…

Which corner? 150 Rue Saint Denis

Which corner on the

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