Nice place: Boulangerie 1072 (Amsterdam)

Boulangerie 1072Why should we go there? What makes that one place succeeds and the other doesn’t? At the location where now Boulangerie 1072 is situated, different people tried to run a nice place but they came, stayed for a while but then had to close their doors. Now, with the Boulangerie in place we move to a new phase. When the weather is good, the terrace is full of people and inside the chairs are filled as well. Yes, this is a nice place with its Paris-like atmosphere, but what really attract the crowd are the goodies on the counter.

What should we eat/drink/nibble? Boulangerie 1072 serves the food that you can expect from a quality boulangerie: delicious freshly baked bread (also ‘á emporter’), well-filled sandwiches and ‘salades de la maison’. The places opens at 8 in the morning when you can order breakfast varying from a croissant with coffee, blueberry pancakes or a good ‘ole Dutch uitsmijter (fried egg with ham, bacon and cheese).

Anything disappointing? Sometimes the friendly staff needs some time to get into gear.

Which corner? Ferdinand Bolstraat 151

Which corner on the

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