Nice place: Bobs Kitchen (Paris)

Bobs KitchenWhy should we go there? Bobs Kitchen is a place where you won’t find the designed nonchalance that you meet in almost every hotspot in Paris, London or Amsterdam. No antique cabinets, no vintage bookshelves that are filled with carefully arranged magazines and cult books. Bob puts his bags of flour in the window because he needed the space. His little kitchen is simply furnished with wooden tables and a refrigerator filled with goodies. The people behind the counter are proud on their healthy salads, bagels and home made cookies. And if you’re wondering what’s that constant buzzing in the background, it’s the juicer that is making you a nice and uber healthy carrot-ginger-spirulina-apple juice.

What should we eat/drink/nibble? Bob knows how to bake the perfect pancakes… They are rated as Paris’ second best and we now know why. They’re thick, they’re nice and moist, they’re just lovely. They come with banana and/or a compote of blueberries and some butter. And yes, on the table you’ll find the necessary maple syrup to drench them in. We ordered a green smoothie (mango, banana, spinach) on the side, and that tasted great too, but in combination with the pancakes it knocked us out completely for the rest of the morning. So you have to make a choice: if you need a vitamin boost go for the juices and smoothies, if you’re up for calories order Bobs pancake babies.

Anything disappointing? This place misses a fat cat in the window.

Which corner? Rue des Gravilliers 74

Which corner on the

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