Nice place: Kooka Boora Cafe Shop (Paris)

Kooka Boora Cafe ShopWhy should we go there? Damn good coffee… Perfect lap top spots in the window with a nice view on the Rue des Martyrs one of the nicest streets in Paris.

What should we eat/drink/nibble? We never ever tasted better coffee than here. It was creamy, it was hot and it had a wonderful mocha flavor that sticked to our tongues for hours. Kooka Boora is the place where you can start a coffee addiction and no one will blame you. And yes, and they know how to fill a good sandwich.

Anything disappointing? We came two times and both times all seats inside were taken. It looks like the customers enter in the morning and leave when the staff closes up in the evening.

Which corner? 62 Rue des Martyrs

Which corner on the Net: KBCafeshop – South Pigalle Facebook

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