Nice place: George Deli U.S.A. (Amsterdam)

George DeliWhy should we go there? When you’ve been shopping in the basement at organic supermarket Marqt it’s not a matter of choice anymore: you’re hungry and you need good food. Than the only thing you need to do is go up on the escalator and find yourself a nice table at Georges Deli.

What should we eat/drink/nibble? American brunch classics like eggs Benedict, pancakes & fruit, a caesar salad or coffee with a piece of red velvet cake. We ordered the Salmon & Bagel and Club Sandwich. Although the bagel was not a bagel as it should be (this dough was definitely not cooked before it went in the oven), the lovely fresh salmon with capers and red onion made up for it. We were actually able to put the club sandwich in our mouth, which is not always the case, and in the mayonnaise we tasted a hint of basil. Nice!

Anything disappointing? The building is not exactly draught proof…

Which corner? Utrechtsestraat 17

Which corner on the Net:

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